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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The picture on the far left is before I ever used R+F. I remember it specifically.

I was sitting in my car between real estate photography clients and had just gotten off the phone with my friend, who's before and after on facebook inspired me to call and try her products. "Make sure you to take your before and after!" So, right there in the car, I snapped that very picture. Not bad, but not great. The smile was definitely fake [thanks PPD].

Fast forward 3 years... I've been using lashboost on my brows but also filling them in and contemplating brow lamination or microblading - wasn't sure I'd have the time to get away from 3 kids or if I was willing to spend the money on it [I hate spending money on myself]. Then we announced our game changing brow defining boost and this picture pops up in my Google memories. You guys... I don’t even recognize that girl on the far left anymore. Not just because she has better skin and lashes now, but also because that smile is 100% real. The confidence I feel is real. The brows and lashes are also real.

So without further adieu,


What is it? Developed by the creators of Lashboost, Brow Defining Boost delivers 2x fuller looking brows instantly and give you visibly fuller, darker looking brows over time!

I'm laughing and crying at this picture because, in middle school, I was the picture on the right.

THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT OF ITS KIND ON THE MARKET!! Yes, there are products to grow brows over time Yes, there are products to tint brows darker Yes, there are products to color and fill in brows instantly BUT NEVER HAS THERE BEEN ONE PRODUCT TO DO ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS

In our clinical trials:

  • 92% saw the appearance of fuller brows instantly + over time.

  • 74% agree provides an alternative to microblading

  • 94% agree provides buildable coverage over sparse areas.

With 4 flexible, buildable shades to help you achieve the look you want - check out this HOW TO with one of my fellow RF sisters! LIMITED TIME ONLY OFFER - BROWS BY DAY, LASHES BY NIGHT Nothing goes better with brows than lashes - lashes long and brow game strong, amiright?

So why not purchase them as a bundle? And, when you do, you'll get my favorite bright eye complex FREE - the bright eye alone is worth $72 so as a preferred customer,


This bundle is only for a limited time while supplies last - Message me to get on my list ASAP before these sell out or shop my favorites!

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