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It's heeeerrreee!

A couple weeks ago, we announced for the first time in 12 years, our redefine regimen was getting a facelift (pun intended =0) )!

not only will it do all the things it's known for doing, like visibly reduce fine lines + wrinkles, smooth texture and restore bounce, it will do all of that 3x better and 2x faster PLUS visibly lift, sculpt + firm.

even better, IT'S CUSTOMIZABLE

you can now choose your cleanser and moisturizer to meet your own personal needs.

I've been using all the steps for about two weeks, mixing and matching to find the combo that's right for me, and here's what I've found:

▪ the foaming cleanser is an excellent makeup remover. If you want it to really foam, add a little extra water

▪ the clay cleanser is super luxurious and you can use it as a wash or a mask

▪ the toner smells really good - not sure why I notice that more now

▪ the am lotion is nice and thin, the texture reminds me of sunscreen but super thin and light and absorbs almost instantly

▪ the am cream is a bit heavier but not much

▪ the pm lotion is the same as the am in texture, super smooth, thin and light - the color threw me off a bit because it's a creamy yellow so don't be surprised

▪ the pm cream is a little lighter than the current cream but leaves your skin feeling super supple and ready for bed.

Personally, I like to use the clay wash in the morning with the am lotion and the foaming cleanser with the pm cream at night.

Even after only using it for a week, I can already see my skin is lighter and brighter. I'll hopefully have some new before and afters to show you in another week!

And now it's finally available for you to have, too! Click here to customize your own regimen.

I can't wait to see what you choose!

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