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Hi, I'm Rachel


Rachel Troche is an award-winning filmmaker, director and screenwriter on a mission to shine a light on human experiences through storytelling.

Upon graduating from Temple University with a degree in film and media arts, Rachel went on to work with the American Film Institute on the directorial debut of Maryann Kellogg in the Directing Workshop for Women. She also completed work with  MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000 and the feature film MCCANICK, staring David Morse and Cory Monteith.

Troche's short films have won awards for screenwriting, directing and marketing. She has spent more than a decade in marketing and advertising, working with several brands on commercial projects including Comcast, Cuisinart, Pediasure and Jameson. 

Outside of her creative ventures, Troche is an army wife, a boy mom (x3), and pro-wrestling enthusiast.

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