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After her husband returns from a year long deployment, a headstrong army wife discovers the dangers of the war weren’t contained overseas, forcing her to choose between her duty as a wife and the future of her family.

Feature | Drama | In Development



Two guys walk into a bar. One of them is a dead man.

Semifinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices 2017

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Short Film Screenplay Competition 2016

Quarterfinalist, NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Competition, 2016

Short | Crime Caper + Drama | 11 pages | Download a copy


For Rent

A professional actor-for-hire uses his skills to fill the gaps in other people's lives, but when the lines are blurred, it's hard to tell who's playing what role.

Semifinalist, Let's Make It! 8th LET'S MAKE IT!

Screenwriting contest, 2020

Short | Drama | 6 pages | Download a copy

best friends.jpg

Best Friends Forever

When a young girl starts seeking help for a childhood filled with trauma, she learns things about her best friend she wishes weren't true.

Quarterfinalist, Screencraft Short Film Screenplay Competition, 2023

Quarterfinalist, Outstanding Screenplays Short Competition, 2023

Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay

Awards Season 7 - 2022

Short | Drama | 18 pages | Learn more


El Maestro

Written with Adrian Alvarado

Inspired by the true events of Pedro Albizu Campos, a Puerto Rican attorney and politician, and the leading figure in the Puerto Rican independence movement. 

Short | Drama | Request a copy (NDA Required)

Image by Riho Kroll

Roll the Dice

Knowing how to play a boardgames is half the battle of actually playing, but when fantasy characters, like Troll, can't separate "fantasy" and "reality," it gives a whole new meaning to the term "role playing."

Short | Fantasy + Comedy | 7 pages | Download a copy

A priest struggling with his faith is tasked with performing a last-chance exorcism for a young man plagued by powerful demons, and when he learns why the young man is under attack, he must do everything he can to save him.

Short | Horror | 10 pages | Download a copy


Pray for Us Sinners

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